Bread To Kill An Asian Dog

“When I first started my bakery, people said… YOUR bread is so hard it’ll kill the dog if you throw it or they asked, can old people eat this as my mother has no teeth? They always think of texture, texture, texture.” See more at:…/tommy-wants-us-to-break…

Many people have forgotten that they are given teeth to chew. The more they don’t chew when they eat, the LEAST their sense of taste is being activated … therefore many people just swallow. And this has become a social mental illness as one would say “wow this bread is so soft & light!” (because no need to chew … many like to “eat air” (makan angin)!! But mind you, AIR is free!!!)…and their mental would translate that to “eat a few m2013-08-29 12.05.19ore also won’t get fat!”

But do you know…
Soft bread and hard-crust bread are both “carrier”. Carrier of what?… ;carrier of other things to your body! Soft breads carry hell of a lot of other things to your body other than just flour, water, yeast and salt (which what Hard-crust bread are made of)

SO, is chewing (mastication) really important for eating MY bread?
Yes! It is a sign and a signal. A promising and satisfactory chew of a piece of bread requires good combination between its crust and crumb. If the bread is done well, chewing it gives a pleasant sensation that becomes almost melodious. Salivation is quick, chewing is not sticky; swallowing is easy. Yeast leaven wheat bread offers almost no resistance in the mouth, except in the case of some sourdough bread, which has resistance, not torn up immediately and will only reveal gradually the power of flavour.

“By ingesting bread, the eater incorporates it into his body as nourishment. At the same time, the bread incorporates the eater into its own universe” Revive your sense of taste and discover the universe of fermentation.

And do you know? MasticIMG_2250ation is a form of exercise!!! If your mother got no teeth, cannot chew, do some dunking exercise with milo, kopi O, or teh O


2 thoughts on “Bread To Kill An Asian Dog

  1. Yes Martin, thanks. Many people do not understand that digesting is breaking down of food we eat. And it should start as early as the time we chew; breaking into smaller pieces and allowing our saliva enzymes to catalyst the digesting process in our body. Choosing food to gear the function of our jaw is hardly in anybody’s mind. Many food makers also do not take importance in this aspect and therefore constantly alter food texture with additives like stabilisers and water to suit consumer’s soft eating profile. Is important to raise awareness to consumers before eating becomes the thing of the past and someone sets a new trend of drinking food!


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