A Bit About Gluten

Sharing one of my conversations with a student reading nutrition… Student: “Hi tommy i m from kepong an lately has been searching for sourdough bread. One of my family friend then introduce me to Tommy le Baker. Also, as a nutrition student, I view through your profile posts and m really intrigued in the passion and knowledge u have for bread. Thanks for the knowledge u share with the public! Hope to learn more from you

Will drop by Tommy le Bakery soon!” TLB: thank you, share your reading and thoughts on nutrition about bread here. Your knowledge might help me to look further on my work! Student: Sure. To be frank, I used to avoid bread cuz of the gluten and that mostly they are refined. N im stil unsure if wheat is really healthy and all. Till lately I learn about sourdough bread which the body can digest more easily. I will read up on your post to understand more in depth TLB: Gluten Hydrolysis and Depolymerization during bread fermentation is something I read and understand to cultivate my bread. Student: I see, so will it benefit ppl in any way in terms of nutrients? Or is it just a better alternative as compare to other bread out there? TLB: if we eat something that is largely pre-digested (not ONLY in bread), our gut don’t have to work so hard and hence reserve more time to digest other food we eat and absorb more varieties of nutrients. Student: Yes it’s true. Nice knowing people like u. TLB: Is promising to know students like you too! Student: How do you get so passionate about bread? TLB: I used to sell bread additives. I travel all over asia and beyond to work and consult in industrial bakeries. I know what ppl are suffering physically and mentally from bread. Having a sensitive knowledge in both industrial and artisan bread baking skills, I guess I took it up as a mission more than a passion. Student: To help the community is that right? TLB: help or not, I don’t know. But I think is important to raise awareness in what we choose to eat. Student: Do u give talk to the public? TLB: nope, I try to use social media. I don’t like ppl to listen to me, I prefer ppl to think with me. I am going to copy paste our conversation on my wall! Hope to gather more minds to look into this social issue on bread.

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