Kneading Tips

Since I am sharing with professional bakers, I might as well share with some of you here who might be interested… … Tommy Lee: “The respect of the final dough temperature I want to achieve is VERY important in my bakery. Is our experience to control and achieve the temperature we want for a long and slow fermentation at the initial stage and slowly build up to the temperature of our environment. The golden rule in my bakery is not to knead the dough above 25 degree. I don‘t care how one do it, at 25 degree, the dough must be combined and correctly developed already. The only temperature we can alter from the ingredients is water (cold). And with the help of our mixer that produces friction (heat). I don’t like to torture and over oxidised my dough, so we only use slow speed and maybe end with 1-2 mins of high speed to reach 25 degree. THE MORE YOU STRAIN THE DOUGH, THE LONGER YOU HAVE TO REST TO DENATURE THE GLUTEN BOND. If the dough is not sufficiently rested, the complexity of the gluten developed during kneading will strain the human gut. And this is one reason, I strongly feel that we suffer gluten intolerant today. Bakers today do not rest their dough long enough to denature gluten for safety digestion. Don’t forget, during bulk fermentation, force can still be built with time and/or with punch down. From some of our formal training, there is a table to respect depending on the mixing (lente (slow), améliorer (improve) or intensive) style and the kind of machine used. But at the end, is the principle we need to understand to control our technique. In any case, if you need to accelerate the fermentation, my advice is: DO NOT increase the dosage of the yeast but instead increase the temperature of the final dough a bit to 28 maximum in our hot climax. At the end of the day, RESPECT YOUR DOUGH, KNOW YOUR GOLDEN RULES and train yourself to achieve it! (This is ONLY for the kneading stage)”

I hope this can help for those who do not read English… 在我的面包店,尊重我想达到的最终面团温度是非常重要的。根据我们的经验, 控制和达到我们想要的温度, 长时间和缓慢的发酵在初始阶段,慢慢地建立对环境的温度。在我的面包店的金科玉律是不要把面团打到造过25度。我不在乎这样如何实现25度的面团温度,终 止面团必须是光滑正确发展面筋。我们可以从成分改变的只是水的温度(冷)和与出混频器的帮助下产生的摩擦(热)。我不喜欢折磨我的面团,所以我们只能用缓 慢的速度,也许结束具有高速的1-2分钟达到25度。不要忘了,在批量发酵,面筋力量仍然可以随着时间和/或放气和折叠内建。 从我们的正规培训,有一个打面团的依赖表(slow, améliorer, intensive)根据技术和使用的机器。但始终我们需要了解,以控制我们的技术与原则。在任何情况下,如果需要加速发酵,我的建议是:不增加酵母用 量,而是增加最终面团的温度位28最高(在热带区)。 尊重你的面团,了解你的黄金规则和训练自己达到适当的温度! (这只是打面团的阶段) if i want the flour to soak longer, I will knead a colder dough. The longer the flour soak the more the gluten and starch break down, the better for our digestion. 如果我想面粉浸泡时间越长,我会把面团打得更冷。面粉浸泡越长,面筋和淀粉分解的时间越长,对我们的消化就更好了。