Bird food for thought

Ok I admit! I used to answer back to customers when they come to the bakery and ask: “skew-me, do you have multi-cereal multigrain?”
And I would say: “why you want to eat so much grains or seeds??? You, bird ah!?”

Many are into whole grains seeds in their daily bread and identify it as premium. Well, my objective planting bread in the rice field is to share the nature of the basic loaf in its taste and look.

I agree mixing grains and seeds into bread is delicious, however, to reach the nutritional potential of many grains and seeds, pre-soaking them is very important.
Most grains and seeds house a mineral inhibitor call phytic acid (please google it)!
On the other hand, these loaves are usually rolled with the grains and seeds onto their crusts to increase their attractiveness. Most grains and seeds have good natural oils. Exposing to direct high oven temperature would alter the benefits of the oils.

Sorry if I call you bird 🐦 🤓😬
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Morning coffee

Kopi ah… kopi ah… coffeeeeeee why is it so difficult to make a basic cup of black zero calorie 100% coffee for me?? Not interested in your cupuccino, latte, la-kopi, la-whatever with milk, but mine is just a basic black 8oz of coffee in the morning.

Again this morning, this time in: Wellington NZ…

ME: hi, may I know how you prepare your long black? 

Barista: one shot espresso and hot water up to the size of the cup. 

Me: ok, and how do you prepare the americano? 

Barista: one shot espresso and hot water up to the size of a BIGGGER cup! 

(WALAO! America!!!)

Me: can you help me to prepare my black coffee the way I want it? 

Barista: ok 

Me: here..take a shot of ground coffee, press for coffee and let the water drip through the ground until the level of an 8oz cup. 

Barista: oh you want an espresso! 

Me: oh no, not that short a cup for my morning. 

Barista: oh so what’s the difference between our long black or americano and the way you want it?

Me: well I didn’t order hot water, I ordered coffee. Added hot water has no caffeine, I prefer to pay for coffee. Which is the hot water that carries caffeine through the ground coffee flowing out with richer aroma and a beautiful creamy golden crema forming on the top🤤

Thank you very much. 

If I can make this straight to all baristas…
LONG BLACK (Cafe Allongé): pull the hot water out of the ground coffee. 

AMERICANO: add as much hot water as you like in a mug, bowl, basin…even into a pool…🤦‍♂️ (is a culture of holding on to coffee mugs and drinks it even when it’s cold).

You are basically selling water passing through ground coffee. That’s it! 

I didn’t order hot water. 

I ordered coffee. 

Oh yah to all coffee roasters when you are transforming the chemical and physical properties of green coffee beans into roasted coffee products. I know the roasting process is what produces the characteristic flavor of coffee by causing the green coffee beans to change in taste which could be very delicious with creamy frothed milk but it taste horrible like Chinese bitter medicine straight black! Especially your so call fruity (which is high acidity in taste to me) light roasted beans. If you don’t know how to roast a single bean for both straight black and milk to taste inviting, maybe offer 2 kinds of roasts? And 2 grounding machines😬
So before your blood sucking cows milk sits too long on your revenue of coffee, get your straight black beans right with hot water. 
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