My bakery, Tommy Le Baker® specialises in pre-ferments and long fermentation process to nurture the taste and to achieve the full nutritional potential of bread using what the nature has provided to his baker.          

My passion for baking and the desire to revive the traditional values of craftsmanship in bread-making are the qualities that drive the essential spirit behind “Tommy Le Baker®”.

My offerings are carefully made to restore bread-making to the highest standards of the craft. And more importantly, to recapture the original flavours sought by masters of the tradition.

Kneaded, shaped and baked on-site: the specially selected ingredients, time-tested methods, and unmistakable oven-baked freshness of Tommy Le Baker make every slice, loaf or piece of pastry truly a rare indulgence.

Modern means of production, managed with heartfelt care for the final outcome on a fussy selection of flours, grains, seeds, butters and oils allow me and my artisans to offer you the best kinds of fresh bread likely to be found anywhere in Kuala Lumpur.

In addition, where ever possible, I have been absolutely faithful to traditional recipes, while looking to support our local merchandisers and produce.

In the culmination of my time-tested methods, the finest ingredients, and a desire to produce only the best you may find in my bakery-café traditional favourites from artisanal viennoisseries, pâtisseries, gateaux de voyage, to even long-forgotten French regional specialities. 

Come sit for a while here in my little bakery, surrounded by a plethora of the baker’s paraphernalia and instruments of his craft, and imbibe the sights, smells and tastes of the art of baking.

Here, you may enjoy fine coffees, popular soft drinks, and the occasional soup servings to accompany breads and pastries fresh out of Tommy Le Baker®’s ovens.

Through my modest bakery, I hope you will join with me in my passion for good things, especially our breads: a significant part of culinary history that has brought joy, nutrition and life to mankind since time immemorial.